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Our Vision

We strive to build a strong community through guidance, teaching and togetherness with our unique personalities, passion and commitment.  We envision each of our clients to embrace their own potential and identity through the assistance we provide

Who Are We?

Amanda Riekert

My name is Amanda Riekert and I have a passion for learning new things.  That is why I strive to help others learn as much as possible.  I have decades of successful experience in teaching, training, Human Resources Development and training content development.  I am a strong believer in positive thinking and regularly develops internal wellness campaigns to assist employees with general wellness techniques.

When I don’t work, I love spending time with my husband.  I enjoy watching movies, series and documentaries and always make sure to have something to read.  Our veggie and herb garden is known to produce the best of the best.

Eoné Marnewick

I am Eoné Marnewick.  As a registered Industrial Psychologist, my purpose is to assist individuals, teams and organisations to create a balance between specialised skills and the fulfillment of the individual’s self.  I have always occupied myself with psychology but navigated my career within business, schools and individual counselling.  My experience has provided me with knowledge and skills in different areas such as strategic change managment, organisational development and design, and psychometric assessments.  Although this is what I was paid to do, I love engaging with people on a personal level and would much rather guide you to become the best you can be.

As a mother of three boys, I have learned to go with the flow and not to sweat the small stuff.  Be who you want to be.  Life is too short not to.


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