Shake up your routine

Shake up your routine

It’s a New Year and time for a New YOU!!

When you are stuck in a rut you often feel depressed, run down with no energy.  You feel you need to make some big changes in your life…… a new job, a fancy long vacation, a different and healthier lifestyle, a facelift, liposuction or Botox… to name just a few.

But the problem with big changes is that they are usually difficult, and terrifying, and expensive. You just become more depressed and stay in your lifeless rut, dreaming of a life overhaul and end up doing absolutely nothing about it.

So how do you break out of this cycle? Changing your life is so much easier than you think, and it does not have to be an expensive exercise.

Forget about the BIG, expensive changes and rather focus on smaller, manageable life changing experiences.

Let’s look at some examples of things you can do to get you out of that dreary rut:

  1. Move your furniture around – a different physical space can lead to a different head space.
  2. Learn something random – check out some free online classes that is totally out of your comfort zone.
  3. Say yes to something you would normally pass on – exotic food experience, a colour you would normally avoid, no matter how small, give it a go.
  4. Say no to something you would typically agree to (but not actually want) – don’t go out if you would rather stay in and just relax, say no to an extra work project that is just going to add extra stress.  Saying no is just as empowering as saying yes.
  5. Make time to play – find the grown-up version of whatever you enjoyed as a kid and start playing.
  6. Perform a random act of kindness – offer a meal to someone in need, offer to babysit.  Psychology suggest, you will be even happier than they will be.
  7. Declutter your life – donate second hand clothes and excessive things to a charity.  Less physical clutter can lead to less mental clutter.
  8. Remove negative words from your vocabulary – as cheesy as it sounds it really works to make you a more positive person.
  9. Take on a new hobby – let those creative juices flow and create something extraordinary.
  10. Volunteer with an organisation related to something you are passionate about – volunteering is one of the easiest ways to give back to the community and make you purposeful.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to just shake up that routine a bit.

We would love to hear from you.  Please give us some examples of what you did to get out of the dreary rut.

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