Bullying is everyone’s business
The child in anger.

Bullying is everyone’s business

All of us can think of a time when we were bullied and some of us had to endure bullying throughout our school years and even at home.  Have you ever thought about those that you have bullied?  No, right?  It is easier to see yourself as a victim of bullying than facing the truth that you might have been a bully yourself.

If you are brave enough to acknowledge yourself as a bully (at least once in your life), consider the frightening statistics related to this epidemic.

According to Tina Thiart from 1000 Women 1 Voice campaign, South Africa was rated second in the world with the highest statistics of cyber-bullying.  Global statistics indicate that male bullies are twice as likely to resort to bullying their girlfriends and/or spouses in later years.  Unfortunately, statistics show that child bullies witnessed violence, in their homes, between the adults caring for them.

Looking at the annual crime statistics of South Africa is never on the top of our priority list, but when you have children, best you pay attention…

“Nine murders and 19 attempted murders reported between April 2019 and March 2020 were a result of bullying in schools” as per report released by Bheki Cele which featured in an article on 31 July 2020 in the Sunday Times.  According to the article, 345 assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm and 546 common assault cases were opened as a result of bullying in our schools.     

Bullying is not isolated to children towards their peers, but also in the workplace.  Numerous studies have been conducted in South Africa about workplace bullying with no means to alleviate the situation but rather painting the dire picture.  According to mightyweb, in an article posted during April 2017 on www.bullybusters.co.za, targets of workplace bullying in South Africa have some characteristic to cause them to be bullied but these are some diverse that it means that anybody is a potential victim.

Mindlytics had the privilege to present an information session to the teachers and principal of The Hunny Pot Pre-Primary, in Vereeniging, on 1 and 2 December 2020.  The content shared ranged from identification of bullying, the teacher’s role, assisting the victim, identifying the bully, a anti-bully pledge for teachers and students, a school policy on anti-bullying and an anti-bullying campaign that will run in Feb 2021.

The most important aspect stressed was that bullying is everyone’s problem… The school (teachers and principal), the parents, the community and the students must work together to ensure this horrible social crime is addressed effectively.

Our sincere thanks go to the teachers of The Hunny Pot that allowed us to share information and challenge thinking around the topic.

Be a buddy, not a bully!

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  1. Donna-lee

    What a wonderful experience!! Definitely recommend it to anyone! Brought a lot of insight to things I had never considered

  2. Natalie

    Thank you for your post, bullies should be exposed, even people close to you can be a bully..
    #Beafriend #saynotobullying

  3. Debbie

    Something everyone should take the time to attend.
    It’s the small things that happen daily that a person is not even aware of…..
    As principal of Hunny Pot I would recommend this to all schools!
    Thank you Eone and Amanda for a wonderful session 🤗

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