What future do yo have in mind?

What future do yo have in mind?

We all dream of a better future, even in our darkest moments.  Think of the nights you battled to sleep and what consume your thoughts.  It ranges from nightmares, worry, and mistakes.  It also includes fond memories, dreams and ideas about what you want to do different.  All these stem from our past experiences, good and bad.  Never underestimate the past experiences you had and how that shapes your future.  Our past experiences brought us to this point.      

Amanda and I are part of a fabulous team of 4 women that have worked together for six years.  None of us started our careers in the field we are currently working in and we come from very distinct backgrounds.  We are all uniquely different with some shared qualities.   The traits that stand out most are our pure drive, commitment and vivacity.  Our team has achieved so much over the last six years and we tend to forget about it along the line.  To remind yourself of what you have achieved is great, but it makes it priceless to remember who you achieved it with (or through whom you achieved it). 

As a team, we share something significant.  The last six years were devoted to create a Training Academy for our organization.   The Training Academy did not exist before we joined as a team and was generated, over time, to become one of the most momentous projects in our organization’s history.  There were days that we came together and had blank stares of confusion and utter exhaustion.  Then there were days where we could not stop sharing all the ideas to make it better and greater.  We kept up with numerous organizational changes and always focused on what we can do to make a difference.  This was no conscious decision or instruction but seemed to come natural for us.  The bigger the pressure from the organization, the better our ideas would be.  We lived in each moment, for the moment. 

This chapter in our lives came from our individual past experiences, good and bad.  We acknowledge each other’s contributions and allow new past experiences to be added to our repertoire.  Our futures, collectively or individually will be worth it, because of this team.

Who can you identify in your past that had a significant impact on your present moments? 

Choose the people in your life carefully to ensure you create better past experiences in the future. 

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