change your mind.

“The mind has a mind of its own.” David Mitchell

Our Story

We all have that one connection with someone that means more than just family, a friend or a co-worker.  We have that.  Amanda and Eone (you and I) met under difficult circumstances.  Don’t we all have THOSE connections.  Our connection started back in 2014, during a very troublesome time of possible retrenchment and lack of purpose in our jobs.  Truth be told, we did not see this partnership coming and with so many good things in life, we had to go through the bad things first.

As colleagues, we realised we have much the same focus, ideas and passion.  Some call us “partners in crime”.  Whatever the description for our connection, we shared our dreams, hardship, goals and plans with each other.

Our journey has only begun.  And so can yours.  Let us support, guide and help you.  “YOU” is a term that means your company, your school, your team, your family and most importantly… You as an individual.

‘If you can change your mind, you can change your life.”

—William James​

What We Do


Create a brilliant feature by learning from past experiences.


New skills and knowledge are priceless.


We are better together.


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